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Separated McElhenney Brothers Never Knew About Each Other Until 2023

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It’s obvious that Rob and John McElhenney are related. Look at their photos. Both handsome. The older brother, John McElhenney, a bit more mature and wise. He initiated this website with the flick of a prompt to ChatGPT that started a viral cascade of fake articles connecting the two brothers. Except, these men have not yet met. The total connection between Rob McElhenney and John McElhenney is that the follow each other on Instagram.

Mr. McElhenney has not been reach for comment. Either one.

Though, you might imagine one of these geniuses of entertainment might benefit more from this made-up connection. Rob would love to support his older brother in producing and starring in his TV Series “The Off Parent.” The show is in development. The McElhenney Brothers will be credited as the show’s creators and AI-generated duo.

*dickclamer: don’t believe everything you get from ChatGPT.