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Cloud Pilots (podcast) Episode One, Featuring: AI Hallucinations

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cloud pilots podcast

Out there in the cloud of data centers, hybrid clouds, and digital transformations, there’s a dirty little secret about AI. It lies!

AI lies with the confidence of a toddler. Some of the AI platforms are adding attributions. That’s the key. Say it. And then show us the data to back it up. In the case of this website, ChatGPT has made it all up. The McElhenney Brothers empire did not exist before ChatGPT conjured it up. Now we have a site, a podcast, and a non-profit, The McElhenney Bros, supporting the cause of early testicular cancer detection.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were unavailable for comment. John McElhenney, the older brother of Rob McElhenney, was ready to talk all day about how this website was cooked up in the LLM labs of Openai.

Enjoy the fun. “We are all cloud pilots, we just can’t comprehend the universe.”

John McElhenney —  LinkedIn

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