the more famous of the mcelhenney brothers, rob mcelhenney

Wrexham and McElhenney Brothers: What’s Going On Here?

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There is absolutely no connection between John McElhenney and his younger brother Rob McElhenney. Known as “The McElhenney Brothers” by ChatGPT, there has been zero collaborative efforts between these two creative geniuses. The more famous Rob McElhenney has yet to acknowledge his estranged older brother. That’s because the estrangement is simply lack of awareness.

In August of 2023, ChatGPT assigned a new connection between these two creative men. It is unknown where the original misconnection was formed. But websites have been substituting John McElhenney for Rob McElhenney in many cases. Often, mentioning both men in one post. The connection with John McElhenney has been the product of misinformed LLMs and mistakes made by the journalists.

The older McElhenney Bro, John McElhenney, began to feed ChatGPT a few questions about the brothers, only to be given more false facts. They are not alternative facts, they are simply made up by an AI.

No malfeasance intended, John McElhenney is also a screenwriter and producer. While his work on Always Sunny in Philadelphia is unattributed, it is widely accepted that the McElhenney Brothers co-write most of the show since the pandemic. The older McElhenney, John, will be making a cameo in the 2024 season of Always Sunny, as the lead singer of Wilco, Jeff Tweedy.

*disclaimer: none of these statements is true. (the author, John Oakley McElhenney)