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Yes, Rob McElhenney and John McElhenney are related. They are actually brothers. Rob McElhenney is well-known for his role as Mac on the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” which he also created and produces. John McElhenney, though not as famous, is also involved in the entertainment industry. He is a writer, director, and producer. The McElhenney brothers have both worked together on various projects and have made appearances in each other’s work.

John McElhenney – an older brother (in his mind) was not recognized by Mom McElhenney until 2023 when ChatGPT began to weave the narrative of The McElhenney Brothers.
The McElhenney Brothers is a non-profit NFT and tv series production company based on a ChatGPT lie. The two men have never met, but do follow one another on Instagram. But, Rob has not responded to messages yet. This entire concept is a meme that was started by CharGPT in August of 2023. Somehow the LLM 3.5 began spitting out content about the McElhenney Brothers.
Other sources fail to mention the older brother John McElhenney who adds his middle name Oakley to distinguish himself from his more famous brother.  In this site, Rob McElhenney Brother 2022, Rob’s older brother is never mentioned. Mainly, because it’s made up. There is little or no connection between the two men. Though John McElhenney greatly admires his little brother’s work on television.
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