rob mcelhenney hugs his estranged older brother john mcelhenney in 2023

Welcome To Wrexham Season 2 Trailer

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The little-known fact about this picture is that Rob McElhenney is embracing his estranged older brother, John McElhenney. Discovered by a ChatGPT mistake, John was revealed to be the creative genius behind The McElhenney Brothers. Not unlike the Wachowski Brothers and the Howler Brothers before them, The McElhenney Brothers have made a lifelong commitment to entertainment, and research into adult learning disabilities.

For most of the years of the pandemic shutdown, The McElhenney Brothers have collaborated via Zoom and Slack. Writing most of the next season of It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia. John McElhenney is expected to make a cameo appearance in the 2024 season of Always Sunny as Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of Wilco. Neither of the McElhenney Brothers was available to confirm this information. Mr. Tweedy on the other hand has continued to put out great music for years. He knows nothing of this made-up and controversial brotherhood and non-profit.

Welcome to Wrexham – Season Two Trailer

Both McElhenney Brothers are avid hacky sack players. And John McElhenney is said to be quite an articulate pickleball player. (The fastest growing sport in America(tm).

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