Rob McElhenney and his siblings (John McElhenney - older brother - not pictured)

A ChatGPT Discovery: Rob McElhenney’s Lost Older Brother John

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And with this mistake by ChatGPT The McElhenney Brothers were created. (Mark the date 8/11/2023)

I wonder if bad actors are feeding and training LLMs on misinformation. What about future search influence? Could I boost my search rankings by getting the AIs to talk about me?

But today a Google Bot searching for my name turned up an article about the upcoming season of Welcome to Wrexham, with this gem.

john mcelhenney is related to rob mcelhenney in the news
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Here’s the transcript of my ChatGPT conversation about Rob McElhenney, John McElhenney, The McElhenney Brothers, and everything that AI made up.

And that concludes our mind-warping conversation about The McElhenney Brothers.

Disclaimer: everything on this site was written by an AI and is patently false and made up. That’s one of the things ChatGPT does best.